China’s Rise In Western Political Cartoons, Chinese Reactions

China’s Rise In Western Political Cartoons, Chinese Reactions


From Guancha:

China in Western Cartoons, As Bitter Witness to China’s Rise!

In the West, political cartoons are a type of news commentary, using exaggerated and humorous drawings to quickly and accurately convey the gist of a news story, allowing readers to understand hidden meanings, provide political criticism, get society to think, and thus influence public opinion. Political cartoons have a long tradition in mainstream Western media, the target of their portrayals and ridicule ranging from government heads of state to business leaders, covering everything from political incidents to urban legends, serving as an another window to the world.

Modern Chinese consider themselves to be the “descendant of the dragon”, with the dragon being a totem of Chinese belief, auspicious, full of vitality, representing good fortune and luck, with no lack of dragon symbols in every dynasty and age. In Western mainstream media political cartoons, the image/symbol of the “Chinese dragon” is no stranger, but they often misrepresent it as an evil symbol, reflecting the West’s deep anxieties and complicated feelings about a newly rising China. The dragon’s massive size and cruel characteristics are often used to suggest China’s increasing power and threat toward other countries.

Below, let’s look at the China in Western cartoons. Among them, apart from the “ferocious/frightening” dragons used to symbolize China, there are also pandas and other symbols. From these, readers may be able to see the West’s bitterness/resentment with China’s rise.


China sternly condemn Japan’s [revisionist] textbooks.


Americans can no longer stand China’s appetite.


The US dollar and the Euro are facing a crisis, China’s holding the life buoy deciding which one to toss it to.


China’s peaceful rise in the eyes of America, with the flashlight being the Pentagon.


This show the jealousy regarding the Euro fattening up China. Note the flower in the pot.


The meaning here is that China is looks weak, but the truth is behind it.


Everyone should know the meaning of this picture, right?


Whenever the two [American political] parties fight, they are liable to use the China card at any time.


America’s envy, jealousy and hate can all be seen on the money.


Giant panda crushes Uncle Sam underneath it.


Pay attention to the flag stands.


America’s worries over China’s anti-satellite experiment…just one breath and it’s gone…


G20 became G2…(I think this was drawn by Europeans).


Encircle China. The Japanese prime minister holds a sign calling for “allies”.


The donkey and the elephant are busy stacking bricks (trade barrier), both screaming that they have the higher one, but China is instead left outside (this should be calling for more trade protection to keep China down).


China reached space by selling shoes.


Uncle Sam taking away lots of products, while China takes away lots of American dollars.


Asian issues. While China is busy trying to put out the fire, America is running ahead with a gas pump.


For the vote on the Syrian crisis, who dares touch it with China and Russia in the way?


The G20 summit can’t move this US-China trade boat.


Majority leader Harry Reid is making a statement: the US Olympic team uniforms were made in China! They should throw it in a big pile and burn them! “American flag pin: made in China; Suit: made in China; shirt: made in China; glasses: made in China; necktie: made in China; cufflinks: made in China; microphone: made in China; podium: made in China.


Once again it US election time, and they all voice a hardline against China, but deep down they want to kiss up to China (who knows).




Making fun of China’s food safety problems (which we really need to take seriously).


Again the Syrian crisis, can’t get past China and Russia.


China is holding a book on Japanese aggression, Japan is holding a book on international law, while the other hand is reaching for the Diaoyu Islands.


This is clearly preaching about China’s rare earth metals monopoly.


So this is what the American dollar is like…(“Little Black” [referring to Obama] is very worried, while Uncle Sam is feeling helpless).


America: long live our partnership, hey! My coat…(this is attacking American policy towards China).


1945: Hiroshima, 2011: Fukushima


Race between China and America, the message here is good.


And old picture, of the Eight-Nation Alliance dividing China among themselves.


America using the US dollar to hold the world hostage, but the world’s pockets are empty (RMB issue).


China: Quick, eat, it really does taste good, trust me.


Old picture, of the Japanese invasion of China, with America hiding on the side to watch.


The Chinese leader holding an axe with the words “US debt” and making an inviting gesture. Obama: Oh, he wants to me bow my head.


Obama’s true face.


The dragon is holding a big stick.


The whole world belongs to China (our costs are high too).


Shall we say 1 billion? (blackhearted Europe would do anything for China’s money).


The dragon is very angry at America.


1. I’m outraged that our Olympic uniforms were made in China 2. I know! I’m going to buy new uniform made in the USA 3. Borrows some money from China to buy them.


To meet the needs of the director (America), China has to play both the role of the monster and the role of the world savior, really making it hard for China.

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